Dr. Rosa Lasaponara

Dr. Rosa Lasaponara

Dr. Rosa Lasaponara

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Dr.   Rosa   Lasaponara has  more  than  25  years  of  experience  in  the  field  Earth Observation    from    satellite/airborne/ground    based    on    passive    (optical,    multi-hyperspectral  data)  and  active  (radar,  LIDAR)  sensors.

Her  main  research  interests  are focused  on  modelling,  data  processing,  integration,  and  interpretation  of  big  Earth Observation  for  natural/anthropogenic  risk  estimation,  monitoring  and  mitigation,  with particular  reference  to  risk  management  and  post  events  damage  estimation  (fire monitoring  and  post  fire  monitoring), Landscape  analysis  and  environmental  degradation (urban    sprawl,    desertification,    pollution),    paleo-environmental    investigations    and archaeological studies.

She  authored  or  co-authored  of  more  than  350  peer-reviewed  papers  (210  in  JRC journals, book etc.), editor of NHESS, academic Editor of RS and guest editor for several international  journals  Remote  Sensing  (2020,  2019,  207,  2013),  IJRS,  JAG,  Ecological Modeling,  Journal  of  Archaeological  science,  Archaeological  Prospection,  Journal  of Cultural Heritage, Sensor, Sustainability. She has been and currently is the scientific coordinator of several research projects at national and international level (more than 45  projects,  funded  by  the  EC  (European  Community,  as  H2020),  ESA  (Europen  Space  Agency),  ASI  (Italian  Space  Agency), MAECI  (Ministero  degli  affari  esteri  e  cooperazione  Internazionale,  progetti  di  grande  rilevanza),  CNR,  DPC  (department  of protezione civile). She currently is the LPI of SER_FORFIRE  ERA4CS (Integrated services and approaches for Assessing effects of climate   chan

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